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    Andrea Gottardi

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    Andrea Gottardi was born in 1984 in a little town called Vittorio Veneto, near Venice.
    Art has always attracted me, in all its forms, and in 2009 I started taking the first shots with a camera, shooting landscape and objects. Meanwhile, I start attending a group of amateur photographers (framing group) in Conegliano Veneto, where I learned the most common photography techniques. In 2011 I discovered I had a strong attraction for portraits, and I started a long list of collaborations with girls from all over Italy, telling stories set between nature and studio photos.
    Since 2012, my shots have improved to the need to create a personal page, where in a short time, numerous awards have arrived. (over 130 special mentions and awards) My personal style is halfway between the surreal and the gothic, with symbologies and hermetic messages. In my photos you can guess the influence of the painters of the "Grand Tour" of 1700 as Turner, Emil Barak, Canaletto. But I also like to take inspiration from modern photography by Kirsty mitchell, Oleg Oprisco Brooken Shaden. I have worked on various book covers and CDs of musical bands by Italian and international artists. I won awards at group exhibitions (Roma-Imaginarium 2016) (Novafeltria-2017) and my works have been selected from numerous pages and Italian and international reviews.
    After having a personal studio / gallery in Venice, I still continue to create photography in my studio in Vittorio Veneto and sell my prints or make portraits on commission.


    - Conegliano Veneto 2010 "INQUADRA L 'EMOZIONE" collective group Inquadra
    - Conegliano Veneto 2011 "DIVERSAMENTE IMMOBILI" collective Framing group
    - Bologna 2011 "LE CITTA 'INVISIBILI" collective
    - Vittorio Veneto 2011 "10 DAMNED SOULS" staff
    - San Pietro di Feletto 2012 "L'ACCALAPPIAMANI" staff Anzio
    - Roma 2016 "THE WAY OF PENELOPE" staff
    - Taranto 2016 "IL CAMMINO DI PENELOPE" collective FOTOARTE 
    - Vittorio Veneto 2016 "THE WAY OF PENELOPE" staff
    - Piacenza 2016 "Chez art" staff
    - ArtePadova 2017 Personal Stand with Leonart Gallery
    - Novafeltria RM 2017 "Simply Photographing" Collective - first prize
    - Mantova 2017 "Studio meraki - collective"
    - Alessandria 2017 "Biancofestival" staff Genoa 2017 "Tigullio fotogroup" 
    - Novafeltria RM 2017 "Simply Photographing" Collective
    - ArtePadova 2018 Personal Stand with Leonart Gallery