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    Interview with Street Artist Evgeny Muluk

    Based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Evgeny Muluk is a young artist who uses the spaces near the city to expose his abstracts looking works. 

    Interview with Street Artist Evgeny Muluk

    Now, more than ever, colour is intrinsic to his spectacular work expressed in experimental forms of irregular lines that intertwine between curves and waves. In a way Evgeny has adopted an almost poetic geometry full of aesthetics and energy that strikes and impresses in the places he has chosen to paint.
    Colour and experimental tones are one of the many reasons why street art aficionados admire Evgeny so much-wanting to find out more about his impressive and fascinating work, here below a short interview:

    FG: When and why did you become interested in art?

    Evgeny: I started at the end of 2004. It all started quite spontaneously. At that time, there was very little information about graffiti and hip-hop culture in general. Once I got a graffiti magazine in my hands, then I saw some information on TV. I was very impressed, and I decided to try. It all started as a youth hobby and grew into a real lifestyle. Now I can’t imagine my life without creativity.

    FG: Do you think there is a difference between making art in your city, St. Petersburg, and in the rest of the world?

    EvgenyI find it difficult to answer this question. At the moment, I have only travelled outside Russia a few times (one of these trips was to Italy in 2018. An international graffiti festival was held in Milan, and I am glad that I was lucky enough to become a participant). I think there is no particular difference. Everything is envious of desire and inspiration!

    FG: How do you choose the room/wall/object you’re going to paint and what do you like the most?

    EvgenyEverything happens spontaneously. I rarely know where I plan to paint. I just take paint with me and go to explore new locations. I prefer to draw without a preliminary sketch. I like to fit into the surrounding space and play with it. Therefore, it always turns into an exciting journey full of pleasant discoveries and emotions. I especially like abandoned buildings. They have a unique atmosphere!

    FG: What feelings do you hope to arouse in those who look at your works?

    EvgenyFirst of all, I work for the imagination. I like it when the viewer turns on fantasy and sees something of their own. Their associations and images allow everyone to see something of their own in my works. That’s great because I always give the viewer freedom to think!

    FG: Do you have a dream yet to come true? If so, which one?

    EvgenyI always dream of something. A dream is something that every person should have. Nothing is impossible! Only by making every effort each of us can achieve everything we dream of!

    FG: What are your future projects? What are you working on at the moment?

    EvgenyNow I am working on creating new canvases. There are a lot of ideas. I will not reveal all the secrets yet. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by my future projects!

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