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    Stephen Magsig

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    Citylights #512
    A colorful abstract oil painting of city lights at nightThe “Citylights” series of paintings was started in 2001, 21 years ago, then as now as a response too difficult and troubling times. As a painter I have always been interested in the simplification of the motif as much as possible, removing any unnecessary elements, while trying to retain the essence of the scene. The Citylights paintings are the cumulation from this approach.  With the Citlights painting I am still concerned with  form, composition, color, mood and the plasticity of the paint application, while capturing a fleeting moment in time. While looking familiar and recognizable they are still abstract and mysterious, allowing the viewer to interpret them from their own experiences with being in the city at night. 

    Citylights #514 of Stephen Magsig Fumogallery
    100 €