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    A RESERVED, OBSCURE AND SECRETIVE DUO, WHO ARE MOST OFTEN ELUSIVE, SOMETIMES IRREVERENT, QUITE RADICAL, ALWAYS UNSTABLE AND NOT VERY LITURGICAL. CORROSIVE, HARMFUL AND DESTRUCTIVE, FERROUS, NARCOTIZED, ROUGH, ODD AND STINGING, YET CAPABLE OF WISE, PROVIDENTIALLY FUTURISTIC UTOPIAS. OKB..SPK are the initials for the collaboration of two distinct Italian artists who work in tandem sharing creative projects and ideas. These two strong yet contrasting personalities have been brought together by the same sensitivity: the ability to conceive providentially futuristic utopias. Both artists remain elusive and reserved refraining from revealing personal details about themselves. The dichotomies between their attitudes of radical irreverence and respected artists, their non-conformist characters and socially accepted creations allow their pieces to communicate their intentions and point of view. The preferred mode of expression is always in the form of cryptic messages to elude their audience where the communicative power of symbols are often exploited to signify multiple meanings. Clearly OKB..SPK are fascinated, maybe even obsessed, by all that is obscure and suppressed. Underlying their ferrous and corrosive art remains the ability to amaze others by drawing from the inspiring alchemies their pieces originate.