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    Giacomo Bevanati

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    Since a very young age, Giacomo Bevanati showed an early interest in the visual perception of the volumes, light, transparencies and light materials, and how the eye treats the mind through a thoughtful use of them. Bachelor in Product Design and a Master’s degree in Architecture provided him all the technical aspects of the use of strengths, understanding of materials and 3D modelling.
    Once he acquired the technical knowledge and the conviction of creating art, the material chosen was the step to follow. The keenness of using a simple material with shining properties became stronger and after examining different materials, he decided to use brass and steel wire. In addition, the idea of using something cheap in order to create something precious is very attractive. He started creating a net of sewed wire with specific mental patrons, whose strength is a guarantee of reinforcement able to create shapes and curvatures which lead to final sculptures and models.
    During the last four years, this autodidactic process lets him (cancellare to)to discover how the weight, the tensions and the structure of the net can get transformed into an art piece. Giacomo Bevanati’s creations range from jewellery to the wearable art, where masks, hats and sculptures constantly evolve while his learning process moves forward. His artworks were shown in many important exhibitions, including London Tate Modern and the Biennale di Venezia, during Anima Mundi Festival. His work is also at the core of Genesio De Rosa’s documentary “Metal Love”, presented at the East End Film Festival 2018.

    HERMES of Giacomo Bevanati Fumogallery
    850 €
    PLAGUE of Giacomo Bevanati Fumogallery
    600 €
    SPRING HAT of Giacomo Bevanati Fumogallery
    900 €
    THIS IS NOT A PIPE of Giacomo Bevanati Fumogallery
    400 €
    THIS IS NOT AN APPLE of Giacomo Bevanati Fumogallery
    400 €
    THIS IS NOT A HAT of Giacomo Bevanati Fumogallery
    700 €
    SNAPBACK CAP / STEEL WIRE of Giacomo Bevanati Fumogallery
    700 €
    SNAPBACK CAP / BRASS WIRE of Giacomo Bevanati Fumogallery
    700 €